12 Alternative Budget Accommodation Trends to Check in Your Next Trip.

Exif_JPEG_PICTUREEvery time your vacation is due, the first thing that comes to your mind is a hotel. It is the most publicized option for those who want to spend time abroad. While on vacation, resting options may vary from simple camping using rugs or getting accommodated in the most prestigious hotels in town. Whichever the option, things are slowly changing. Trends show that people are looking for cheaper alternatives.

These are the 12 options which have emerged in the accommodation space, to give one a better bang for their buck.
  1. AirBnb

Airbnb is a case study. Locals rent out rooms. The rooms are inexpensive and comfortable. This can be a Godsend when one has a shoe string budget. Most hotels charge no less than $250 for a night.

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Life Lessons You Will Learn When Travelling the World

east to westTraveling the world is a learning experience. From planning the journey, taking part, the people you meet, the journey teaches one a lot. Whether traveling via a limousine, water transportation or air, the world presents a magnificent environment to be discovered.

A life lesson is drawn from experiences in life. Here is a list of what one can learn while travelling the world. Continue reading Life Lessons You Will Learn When Travelling the World

Travelling on a Budget in Your 20’s

travelEveryone lives only once. Furthermore, being young gives you the flexibility of adventure and travel. Take advantage of this period and enjoy it to the fullest. However, most trips may be quite expensive and demanding enormous sums. You are probably still in college or landed an internship job in a local roofing company. Affording such amounts is, therefore, next to impossible. You can still travel wide by adhering to some budget tips that will save you much money.

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Entry and Exit Formalities for USA

Entering USEvery country has its entrance and exit formalities and US is no exception. Even when continuing to another destination, you will have to go through immigration and customs at the first US airport that you land. First, you will have to take a digital photo and have your fingerprint scanned at the Department of Homeland Security’s Office of Biometric Identity Management program. After going through immigration, you have to pass through customs with your luggage. Single parents, grandparents or guardians with an under 18 years accompanying them need the non-accompanying parents’ notarized letter authorizing the trip or a proof of legal custody. Continue reading Entry and Exit Formalities for USA

How to Find the Right Travel Agent

air travelTrying to arrange your trip on yourself can be stressful. Once you get there, it will become even more stressful especially if it’s your first time. Many people avoid travel agents to cut travel costs. You might end up spending more without your agent than you would with them. Travel agents understand the destination better than you do and allowing them to take care of the trip will save you some money and the stress. You will, however, need to pick the right agent. Here is a guide on selecting the right agent. Continue reading How to Find the Right Travel Agent

Health and Safety as you Travel USA

insurance coverWhile the USA offers impressive health care, the costs can be prohibitive if you do not have good health insurance. We all take insurance covers due to the uncertainty of health. This risk increases when you travel. If your regular policy does not cover you when you are abroad, you have to purchase travel health insurance. Just the same way you would choose an insurance cover for any activity, be it sports, hiking, racing or commercial roofing, the same you need to have a good cover in place to facilitate your smooth travel. Here are some of the issues you have to put in place as you travel the US. Continue reading Health and Safety as you Travel USA

5 Must-Visit Fall Foliage Destinations in 2016

File:Fall-foliage-mountainIt is time to start planning for Autumn. If you are planning a getaway this fall, we have a pick of five destinations that offer you more than just the photogenic colors of the season. There are many options for you to see the colorful country including hiking, river and lake tours, kayaking, canoeing, cycling, horseback riding among others. Here are our top fall foliage destinations. Continue reading 5 Must-Visit Fall Foliage Destinations in 2016

Top 6 luxury Experiences in Las Vegas

las vegasWhen you think about Las Vegas, 24-hour casinos and gambling related activities come into mind. The town is renowned for its endless entertainment options. The resort town, however, has more to offer than just gambling. There are numerous options for you whether you are visiting alone, with friends, family or on a business trip. Narrowing down Las Vegas’ top destination to just six picks is a big ask to some, but we will try. Continue reading Top 6 luxury Experiences in Las Vegas

Cheap Eating Guides while Traveling

asian foodsWhen you’re on the road, it can be hard to get a good meal with a tight budget. Especially if you stay in a major city that has an established hotel culture and outdoor dining way of life. When you are hard pressed by a conservative budget, you need to find a way to maximize the utility of every dollar.

You want to eat well. A little snooping around will go a long way in making that possible. Locate the local restaurant where the residents dine. Stay clear of the tourist area. They are made particularly for the well to do clients. Continue reading Cheap Eating Guides while Traveling

10 Reasons to Visit Germany

germanyGermany can no longer be shoved to the sidelines. The country has set itself up as a top tourist destination. In spite its infamous past, travelers are streaming their airports to get a glance at the famous tourist attractions.

Germany has a range of dialects. Each of the 16 states has a unique way of speaking the language. Germany offers a one of a kind beer experience. Here are ten reasons why a trip to Germany is worth your time. Continue reading 10 Reasons to Visit Germany

Tips to Planning a Great Overseas Trip

Travelling internationally and at a country level is not the same. If you are not prepared, surprises are bound to crop up. International travel is not a mystery despite its intricacies.virgin atlantic

There are numerous things to search for before you embark on your journey. These are such as valid travel documents and insurance packages. Language skills are also part of the mix. Not forgetting detailed knowledge of the culture of the people. Your help has arrived. Continue reading Tips to Planning a Great Overseas Trip